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Elementary, Middle and High School students

Primary Education (Elementary & Middle School)

A time of tremendous growth across all areas of development. The primary development task of this stage is skill development. During Primary School children go through a rapid phase of growth and development, so these years are critical. The foundations for their social skills, self-esteem, perception of the world and moral outlook are more established during these years, as well as the continued development of cognitive skills. Cognitive skills are the core skills your brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention. 

Middle school students are at a crucial point in their development, just entering adolescence. You encounter them between 11 and 14 years old, important ages when things begin to change, both inside and around them. These changes may seem unrelated to their education, but most students bring these feelings and issues to the classroom, so you should know how to respond.

Secondary Education (High School)

There is relatively a small number of after-school programs that serve high school students. Communities often overlook teenagers, expecting more substantial benefits from investments in programs for younger children, but we must continue to nurture and guide the development of high school students. 

ESA is devoted to our youth, and that will not be swayed by the different ages of our students. Whether your child is in primary school or secondary school, ESA provides mentors that are very hands-on, creating a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere, and adapting to meet the needs of each student. 

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